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How to use the forklift properly.

1. Forklift truck driver Requires permission. And training properly. Are you capable of driving a forklift? Did you learn about the forklift you are using? Were you wearing tight clothes and a helmet during work? If your answer is not all of the above. You do not have the ability to use a forklift.

2. Before work Check the condition of the forklift. For safety Before you start your day job The forklift must be in good working order. Denial of action If you see that the forklift is not in condition. Ready to work This could be dangerous.

3. Should report immediately to the supervisor. When a defect is detected, or when a forklift repair service is needed, the forklift stops. Or a car that needs repair. Until it is repaired. Always keep in mind that safe work. Depends on the forklift with the condition.

4. Do not use forklift trucks overweight. Check the weight of the object to exceed the limit of the forklift. Be careful about weight and center of gravity. The work is safe. Based on weight lifting. Do not exceed the limit of the forklift truck.

5. Use platters To suit the to lift. Pallets used as a secondary base should be in good condition. Collapse The cause may be due to the platelet being in an unhealthy condition.

6. The width of the forks should be set to suit the application. Before the lift Ensure that the width of the fork is within the width that fits the pallet. The width of the sesame to fit. Helps lift the balance better.